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Today's Horoscope for Virgo

January 23, 2017
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Quick Quote: Civilisations in decline are consistently characterised by a tendency towards standardisation and uniformity.
-- Arnold Toynbee

Random Fact: Every single hamster in the United States today comes from a single litter captured in Syria in 1930.

Today in History
1656: All female jury hears case of woman who killed her child (acquit her)
1733: Polish King Lesczynski flees to Danzig
1913: George Cohan's "7 Keys to Baldpate," premieres in New York City
1937: Forest fire kills 14 and injures 50 in Cody Wyoming
1985: France premier confesses on attack of Rainbow Warrior
1991: Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula records his 300th career NFL victory
1992: Heavy storm in South France, 34 die

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